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Carrot Honey Anti Fall Hair Strenghtening Antioxidant 100ml - Natureza Cosmetics


CARROT HONEY, brings in its composition a blend of glycolic extract and oily carrot extract, which together are rich in CAROTENOIDS, and have action: ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and ANTI-OXIDANT, absorbs the capture of free radicals and does the renovation of hair cells, in addition to accelerating hair growth, realigning cuticles, moistening, nourishing and hydrating.

How to Use:
It can be used to moisturize at night, cover the strands strand by strand and let it act overnight and can be removed the next day, in the wash. Use it as a Humectant (Leaving damp hair, with carrot honey) and Double Pointed Repairer, which can be applied before washing the medium to the length of the strands, (as a repairer it does not exercise the function of the serum, so it needs to be applied always before washing). Also use to enhance the shampoo, conditioner and mask. If you have very porous and dry hair, you can apply it from root to tip.

-01 Natureza Cosmetics Carrot Honey Treatment 100ml