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Chomps Hair Fiber Restoration 6 Elements Treatment 4 Prod. - Natureza Cosmetics


CHONPS- SHAMPOO OXIGENADOR It was developed to perform a deep and instant cleaning without damaging the threads, stimulating oxygenation, which allows a greater distribution of nutrients in the thread. Promotes Brightness and Softness

CHONPS- CARBON MASK, was formulated seeking to bring all the benefits of carbon to the hair, developing weight to the hair and bringing an enhanced hydration, in addition to strengthening the connection between the amino acids (proteins) present in the hair, allowing a better absorption of the assets , leaving your hair healthy, restored, without frizz, very shiny, with life and balance for much longer.

CHONPS- SERUM PROTEIN acts instantly revitalizing and deeply repairing damaged hair through its functional amino silicones, in addition to the help of a rich complex of vitamins and nitrogen-replenishing amino acids in the threads, which act by inhibiting the oxidation of the threads, in addition to providing greater color fixation, nourished hair, easy combing, softness, shine, strength and resistance to hair.

CHONPS-UNIFIER SEALING has in its formulation a rich complex of amino acids that potentiates all the steps previously applied in the CHONPS treatment, relying on a system of bonding bridges of the applied assets, as well as the hydrogen bonds connecting the molecules, allowing a perfect finish, giving shine, softness, and creating a protective film that seals the threads. It also has active ingredients that, like sulfur, thicken the finer strands, helping to break and strengthen them.

How to Use:
Apply the Shampoo on wet hair massaging gently. Rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation if necessary.
After washing the hair with the Shampoo, apply the Carbon Mask with the help of a brush on thin strands, spread with a comb; Leave to act for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove with plenty of water and then use Serum Protein.
Apply the Chomps Mask for a better fixation of the treatment protecting the locks, apply to all hair while gloving well, let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and then apply the Sealing Unifier
After applying the Serum Protein apply the Sealing Unifier, to finish the process, finishing with the pilaster, brush or as desired.

-01 Natureza Cosmetics Chomps Shampoo 1L
-01 Natureza Cosmetics Chomps Serum Protein 300ml
-01 Natureza Cosmetics Chomps Carbon Mask 1Kg
-01 Natureza Cosmetics Chomps Sealing Unifier 300ml