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Afro System Formol Free Progressive Brush 1L - Eternity Liss

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Progressive Brush Without Formol Eternity Liss Afro System was designed for all types of hair, especially for Afro hair. The Treatment Eternity Liss Without Afro System Formol is super safe and versatile. Progressive Brush Eternity Liss Afro System smooths from 90% to 100% in a single process. Its Technology is the amino system, this active smoothes, treats and repairs all parts that are damaged giving you a Natural and Long Lasting Effect.
The Formless Eternity Liss Afro System Progressive Brush also contains olive oil and coconut oil, powerful agents that help in the nutrition of the hair, recovering all the brightness and helping in the fight against aging. Progressive Eternity Liss Afro System is the ideal product for Afro hair and with a lot of frizz, leaving them wires with a wonderful treatment, smooth and with a lot of shine.

Amino System: Replicates the cellular membrane structure of the wires, treating the damaged areas

Coconut Oil: Gives shine and softness to your hair.

Olive Oil: An antioxidant that preserves all the health of your hair and combat against aging.

How to use:
- Wash hair with deep cleansing shampoo for up to 2 times if needed, then dry 100% at medium temperature.
- Divide the hair into 4 parts, apply Progressive without Eternity Liss Afro System formalin in thin wicks (use a glove), brush and fine comb, allowing the product to act from 50 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the structure of the wire.
- Take up to 80% of the product with water only in the washbasin, then make a brush and finish thin wicks with minimum temperature (200º to 350º), from root to tip, with 15-30 times attention if it is a LOYO hair to pay close attention to the temperature of the plank from 180º to 200º.
- If you want to wash the hair after procedure, finish with conditioning or mask treatment for 10 minutes and then dry.
- Finish as you wish.

Eternity Liss Progressive Brush Afro System Without Formol 1 Liter