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Agi Max Capillary Bottox Radiance Plus Volume Reductor 900g - Soller

by Soller

The Bottox Capillary Radiance Plus Soller replenish the internal and external properties of the hair. It contains in its formulation the Essential Complex composed of blend of vitamins, omegas, macadamia oil and pre ceramides. Exclusive treatment with immediate perception of capillary nanostructuring.

How to use:

- Wash the hair with Anti Residue shampoo of your choice, two or three times, thoroughly dry the wires;

- Hair split it into four parts and Apply Capillary Bottox Matizador Soller with the help of a brush.
- Carry the brush lock to lock, completely drying the hair.
- After brushing, divide the hair into four parts again and apply the board to lock the lock.
- Finish as you like.

-1 Soller Agi Max Capillary Bottox Radiance Plus 900g