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Agi Support Day by Day Maintenance Home Care 2x500ml - Agilise Professional



Main Actives
Keratin - protective against irritation of the surfactant and to provide body and elasticity to the hair, repairs the
hair from damage caused by chemical treatments such as coloring, providing brightness and pleasant sensation
after use, besides improving combing to wet and dry hairs.
Jaguar C162 - a substance with great substantivity on hair, that provides moderate conditioning, improving
combing wet and dry hairs, and provides a nice soft sensation to dried hair
Silicone 193 - is used as a great additive in shampoo formulations, intended for daily use, because it promotes
elasticity to hair, avoids the false dandruff effect, reduces tackiness, promotes lubrication and has conditioning
Step by step
Shampoo: Apply the product to wet hair, massaging gently and then rinse; to best results, repeat the process,
then apply the Day by Day Reconstructor.
Reconstructor: rinse hair well, completely removing the Shampoo then apply the Day by Day Reconstructor, to
wet hair, gently massaging, leave it for five (5) minutes and rinse.