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Bb Oil Elegancance Repair Oleo 45 Ml Ojon - Elegance

BB Oil Eight Elegance

- Aligns and reduces the frizz
- Repairs the dried tips
- Recovers the brightness
- Contains sunscreen

Ojon Oil, Monoi, Pracaxi, Brazil Chestnut

The Serum BB Oil Eight Elegance, forms a silicone film that lines the wires and repairs the dried tips. Elaborated with Ojon, Monoi, Pracaxi and Brazil's chestnut, which moisturize the hair giving softness. Contains sunscreen. Retrieves brightness and keeps your hair visibly healthy.

Presented in 45ml jars.

Mode of use: Apply a few drops in the palm of the hand, spread between the two hands and massage the tips of the hair to complete absorption.