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Blend Restorative Professional Professional Fort Dicolore

The Blend line restores the damaged structure, has acaí extract, quantity phytum and UV filter. Its high-performance innovative formula offers hydration and intensive nutrition to the wires, strengthening the capillary fibers.

Pro keratin

Serum Term protective without rinse for dry, porous or damaged hair. Composed of silicones, açaí extract and keratin phytum, which adhere to the open and damaged cuticles, unifying them and filling the fissures and imperfections, nourishing and restoring the interior and exterior of the fiber.
It has antioxidant property, protecting the wires from harmful shares caused by free radicals. Corrects the porosity, increases the elasticity and helps control the natural moisture of the wire. When used as a finisizer, facilitates clearance and combability, potentizing maciez and brightness.