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Botulinum Capillary Home Care Maintenance Lunamatrix Kit 2 Prod. - Ybera Paris

by Ybera

Botulinum Capillary Moisturizing Anti-Aging Shampoo 250ml -  has a high-performance formula that removes aging-causing waste from the hair, such as pollution and dust. It gives the hair fiber the ability to absorb and retain nutrients, leaving the yarns much healthier.
Capillary Rejuvenation Mask With Lunamatrix ™ Botulinum Capillary System 200g - Features innovative capillary mass replenishment system, Lunamatrix ™ System, which has the power to fill void spaces of damaged wires, repairing them considerably. The "Capillary Rejuvenation Mask" eliminates hair porosity, recovers the flexibility, body, balance and softness of the hair, completing the botulinum capillary procedure and leaving hair beautiful and ready to face day to day.

  • Plant Botulinum Toxin: It is a lipo-amino acid that is used to replenish capillary mass.
  • Lunamatrix TM System: Combats hair fiber damage caused by physical procedure and chemical products.
  • Grape Seed Oil: It is rich in antioxidants, helps prevent frizz and strengthens the filaments preventing open ends from appearing.
  • Vitamin E: It has antioxidant properties that help to repair hair damage and prevent tissue corrosion, which in turn stimulates the growth of healthy hair
  • Tocopheryl: It is a formula of vitamin E, powerful natural conditioner and antioxidant, protects the cells against free radicals and prevents the peroxidation of fats.

How to Use:

  1. Apply the Anti-Age Moisturizing Shampoo on wet hair and massage until lathering. Rinse and repeat the operation if is necessary.
  2. Apply the Hair Rejuvenation Mask, let it act from 5 to 10 minutes. Remove with plenty of water.
  3. Finish as you wish.

- 01 Ybera Paris Botulinum Capillary Home Care Shampoo 250ml
- 01 Ybera Paris Botulinum Capillary Home Care Mask 250g