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Brazilian Bamboo Butter Hydration Mask 300g - Naturale

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Bamboo Butter Mask improves hair health and prepares you to receive any kind of progressive brush. Naturale Brasil's Bamboo Butter has been developed and specially designed for post-chemical treatment with a unique blend of active ingredients and vitamins such as bamboo extract and vitamins A, E, F and H (Biotin) that help restore damaged hair , promoting yarn renewal and deep hydration. Naturale Brasil Bamboo Butter neutralizes the action of accumulated chemicals in the yarns avoiding the breakage and appearance of double ends, guaranteeing many healthier, moisturized, soft and radiantly shiny hair.

- Bamboo Butter acts on the damaged areas of the hair, renewing the threads and returning the hydration necessary for the maintenance of the health and strength of the hair;
- It also acts in the fight the breaking of the threads and the appearance of double ends, providing hair more beautiful and strong appearance.

- Repair of damages;
- Restoration;
- Renewing the wires;
- Deep hydration;
- Nutrition;
- Break combat;
- Combination of double ends;
- Softness;
- Radiant shine.

- Extract of Bamboo: active rich in amino acids that help in the replacement of lost mass due to chemical processes, in the deep hydration that fights the porosity and dryness of the threads and in the reconstruction of the damages for stronger hair.
- Biotin complex of vitamins: complex of essential vitamins A, E, F and H that aid in the renewal of the wires, guaranteeing more health and strength to the hair.

How to use:
- With hair washed with shampoo and moist;
- Apply the product through the whole length of the wires;
- Massage gently and leave on for 15 minutes;
- Rinse and finish as desired.

- With Bamboo Butter it is possible to have much healthier hair, strong, soft and incredible shine.

01- Natural Bamboo Butter (300g).