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Brazilian Professional Hair Treatment G-tox Absolute Sealing Mask 1Kg - Gllendex


It has nano particles of sericin, which under the thermal action, promote the Absolute Sealing of the wires, without heavy or stiff aspect.

How to Use:
After cleaning the hair (not the scalp), with a deep cleansing shampoo (on fine hair, use the neutral shampoo), dry completely with the aid of a hairdryer.
Apply G-tox Absolute Sealing and align with a fine tooth comb, strand by strand. Leave the break time for 40 minutes with the metallic cap.
FINISHING: after the pause time, align the strands again, lock the lock with a fine tooth comb and rinse, until total removal of the product. Then finish by brushing and flattening in thin strands 10 to 12 times.

-01 Gllendex Absolute Sealing 1 Kg