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Chantilly Dihair Completeline Sh+ Cond+ Mask+ Amp+ Leave - Dihair

by Dihair
Dihair - Shampoo Chantilly 300ml
The chantilly shampoo was developed to clean the wires without assaulting them. With collagen and D-Panthenol in their formula, it has the power to perform an ultra moisturizing cleaning, provide the soft wires, brightness and prepare the hair to receive the remaining chantilly line. PH 5,00 - 6,00

Dihair - Chantilly Conditioner 300ml
The Chantilly Age Conditioner facilitating the untangle, leaving the hydrated, soft wires, with intense brightness and has anti frizz action. With collagen and D-Panthenol in their formula, ends the wires without leaving with dry or heavy appearance.

Chantilly Mask Faints 250g
The chantilly mask faints wires has instant action, discipline the wires and anti-frizz, contains hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed collagen and D-Panthenol (vitamin B5), which acts softening the wires, leaving them silky, soft and brightly. Thus ensuring the reduction of volume and capillary alignment.

Ampola Chantilly Dihair - Lightning Hydration
With its concentrated formula acts deep in the yarn in 3 minutes, providing maximum brightness and deep hydration.
With self-heating technology, simply put in the palm of your hands and rub up to form a cream and apply in your hair easily.

Dihair - Leave-in Chantilly 120ml
Leave-in Chantilly has thermal protection, and debauchery action. It provides the hydration, softness and brightness. Its fainting effect aligns and disciplines the wires, and reduces frizz. Leaving soft, healthy and well aligned hair.