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Ciclos Premium Liquid B-tox Volume Control Reconstruction Mask 500ml - Portier

by Portier

Liquid Reconstructing Mask enriched with polyphenols and organic acids that conditions and nourishes the hair, improving the capillary cohesion and preserving the integrity of the hair structure. Due to the water retention on the threads, it returns the moisture lost in the physical and chemical processes, giving naturally loose hair, associated with natural resins that promote hydration, capillary sealing and ultra conditioning.

How to Use:
After washing the hair with the deep cleansing shampoo, apply the Portier Reconstructor Mask Btox Premium  over the entire length of the wires.
Wait 20 to 40 minutes, rinse and finish as desired.

- 1 Portier Ciclos Premium B-tox Mask 500ml