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Remineralizing Shield Coconut Elements of the Earth Hair Mask 500g - NutraHair


 The Coconut Oil Elements of Earth Nutritive Mask acts deeply on the hair fiber, nourishing the hair with instant action. Its high nutritional power promotes capillary restructuring, eliminating the dry aspect and helping in the treatment of brittle and lifeless hair. Vegan Product. Not tested on animals. Sulfate, Paraben & Mineral Oil Free

Coconut Oil is a vegetable oil, rich in lipids and fatty acids, has emollient and highly nutritious properties. It is one of the few vegetable oils that can penetrate deeply into the hair and scalp, thus allowing a powerful hydration to the hair. Due to its high emollient capacity, Coconut Oil penetrates the spaces between cells, improves its cohesion and gives a smoother and smoother appearance.

-01 NutraHair Elements Coconut Maak 500g