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A Luxury Glam Spray Protein da Hair Treatment 1L - Naturelle


The Luxury Glam Spray Protein by Naturelle Cosméticos is a spray straightening product that penetrates the hair more easily due to its liquid texture. Provides a perfect smooth effect, eliminates frizz and leaves hair with an intense shine and prolonged softness, giving a healthier and nourished appearance. In addition, it promotes deep hydration of the hair, mass replacement and reconstruction of the hair fiber.

• Organic formula, 0% formaldehyde, carbocysteine and derivatives.
• Does not change the color or yellow the blond hair.
• Compatible with all types of hair chemicals.
• Does not waterproof the wires.
• No burning, irritation or discomfort.
• Does not damage the health of the client or the professional.
• Can be used on pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

How to use:

With your hair completely dry, separate into quadrants. It is not necessary to wash your hair first. Start the application at the nape of the neck using a brush, wrapping the entire wire with the product. Let the product act on the hair for 30 minutes. After the pause time, remove all the product under running water in the sink. Dry your hair only with a hairdryer, it is not necessary to brush. With dry hair, separate into thin strands. Each wick should be pronged 20 to 30 times. At the end of the process, rinse only with water and finish as desired.


-01 Luxury Glam Spray Protein da Hair Treatment 1L