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Cream Combing Bath Oil Fashion Cosmetics - Fashion

by Fashion
Fashion Bath Combinge Cream

Product Description

The Bath Comby Cream Oils 12 Cosmetical Fashion Benefits is an extraordinary association of precious oils obtained from nuts, seeds, herbs and fruits, which makes a sensory product, performance and unique characteristics. Specially developed to confer advanced nutrition, replenishment of essential lubricity, rescue the softness and softness of your hair.

Mode of use, put a portion in the palm of your hands and spread uniformly in your hair, comb, do not have to rinse.

Caution, do not ingest, if sensitization occurs suspend use immediately and seek medical orientation, keep the bottle tightly closed, in a dry and fresh place and under the direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.
External use product, do not ingest ...

Collection box: 1 unit Each glass: 380ml