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Cream De Silicone Line a 250g Aneethun

Line: line A
Indication: Normal dry hair
Contents: 250 ml

Moisturizes and nourishes the wires gently, providing brightness and softness.
Revitalizes the hair, disengages and restores double tips.

Function: Daily use ensures health and vitality to wires, as well as constant protection against external agents. Provides clearance, brightness and smooth conditioning

- Practical and fast hydration service
- attends different types of hair
- Silicone cream that can be used with or without rinse
- Traditional line with more than twenty years of market
- Spray multibefit with thermal protection and sunscreen
- Spray multibecificices that provides brightness, instant and light sensory disagreement
- Highly conditioning multibefile spray corrects fiber imperfections and aligns the wires, facilitating pre-cut use
- Prevents and restores double tips
- Silicone cream curls, provides superdefined hair, with movement and lightweight that all curly search
- Silicone cream curls with thermal protection and sunscreen

Suggestion of use:
Apply silicone cream evenly in moist hair. Do not rinse. Comb I usually and finish how you prefer.

Tutano: rich in protein, nourish, moisturizes and strengthens the wires.
Silicone: Protects the hair from the damage caused by chemicals and excessive heat, leaving them brilliant, silky and malleable.
D'Pantenol: acts directly on the scalp and capillary fibers, helping in moisture retention and avoiding double tips.
Keratin: Regenerates and increases the mechanical resistance of the wires.
Collagen: Retains water on the wire and uniforms the cuticle, resulting in a hydrated hair and set for longer.
Amino acids: promote a deep reconstruction of damaged wire, increasing their resistance.