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Detox Hair Treatment Kit 4 Products - Cadiveu

by Cadiveu
Cadiveu Detox treatment kit for scalp and hair.
Cadiveu Professional Detox Home Care, cleans, detangles and conditions hair fibers in addition to purifying the skin.
The Cadiveu Detox Professional Home Care Kit eliminates excessive oiliness and flaking.
Its nutrient-rich formula still treats hair to be strong, soft and shiny.

1-Cadiveu Professional Detox Protein - Pre-Shampoo 320ml: Pre-shampoo for hair of all types.
Protects the hair from the astringent action of the shampoo, in addition to nourishing intensely.
1-Cadiveu Professional Detox - Shampoo 250ml: Detoxifying shampoo for the scalp.
Eliminates oiliness and removes flaking.
1-Cadiveu Professional Detox - Conditioner 250ml: Conditioner for all hair types.
Untangles and conditions the threads, ensuring nutrition, softness and strength. Jambu: strengthens and rejuvenates the hair. Salicylic Acid: helps to remove excess oil. Amino Acid Complex: strengthens and recovers hair. Essential Nutrients: consisting of several vitamins, nourish the hair fibers. Methionine: promotes healthy hair growth. Chlorophyll, Lemon, Apple and Menthol: detoxifies the scalp and provides a fresh sensation.
1-Cadiveu Professional Detox Green Juice 220ml: Detox tonic for the scalp. Cadiveu Professional Detox Green Tonic Juice purifies, eliminates oiliness and possible peeling of the skin.
Cadiveu Professional Detox Green Tonic Juice stimulates the growth of healthy hair, in addition to toning and cleaning the scalp. Promotes a renewed and healthy scalp.