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Hair Volume Reduce EcoReduxer Progressive Brush Kit 3x1000ml - Floractive

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Floractive Ecoreduxer Progressive Brush is a treatment designed to reduce up to 100% of hair volume, as it has in its formulation Plant Extracts, blackberry Pectin and alpha hydroxy acids, and does not contain formaldehyde and does not burn the eyes.

How to use:

-Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo for washing the yarn. Knead 5 to 10 minutes so that the product has its share.
-Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat the washing operation without break time.
-With a dryer remove 80% of the water of the wires and start treatment with Ecoreduxer Fluid. With the hair dry 80%, due in quadrants.
-With the aid of a brush, apply the Ecoreduxer Fluid lock the lock and allow to act 30 to 40 minutes.
-Finish with surfboard. After the process, rinse well hair and apply Ecoreduxer Mask. In the sink rinsing the yarns after application of treatment and apply sufficient to reconstruct the wires.
-Massage the hair for a few minutes so that the product has its action.
-Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat the operation. Finish with a dryer.


-1 Shampoo 1000ml Ecoreduxer
-1 Fluid Ecoreduxer 1000ml
-1 Mask Ecoreduxer 1000ml