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Equilibrium System Oily Scalp Dry Ends Control Hair Treatment Kit 3 Itens - Ykas

by Ykas

To solve the problem of excessive oiliness in the hair, it is essential to invest in the use of quality and specific products for this type of care, capable of removing excess oil without drying the wires. With natural humectants and proteins Ykas Equilibrium System promotes an efficient removal of oiliness, keeping the wires hydrated, with excellent shine and softness.

-01 Ykas Equilibrium System Shampoo 300ml: is indicated for mixed to oily hair and acts on the scalp to regulate excess oil from the root. Ykas Equilibrium System Shampoo prevents dryness and premature weakening of the ends by balancing the hair's natural moisture.

-01 Ykas Equilibrium System Conditioner 300ml: helps prevent excess oiliness, maintains natural moisture and recovers hair from daily aggressions. Ykas Equilibrium System Conditioner provides hydration and strengthening of the wires.

-01 Ykas Equilibrium System Mask 250ml: a renewing treatment for lengths and ends. Ykas Equilibrium System Mask provides shine, softness and smoothness to the hair without weighing it down. Your hair is smoothed, calm and hydrated, with soft and shiny strands.