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Glamour Rubi Lavatory Hair Treatment Kit 2x3L - Cadiveu

by Cadiveu
Treatment kit for all types of hair. Nourishes and strengthens the wires from the inside out, restoring hair health. Moisturizes and eliminates frizz. It protects the color of the dyed yarns at the same time that accentuates the color and smooth effect of the smoothing.

Cadiveu Glamour Rubi Shampoo - It cleans effectively without harming the threads, nourishes and strengthens, restoring the hair. As also protects the color of the dyed yarns while enhancing the color and smooth effect of the straightening.

Cadiveu Glamour Rubi Conditioner - it provides intense nourishment to the threads, moisturizes, eliminates frizz and deeply regenerates damaged yarns. Promotes softness and accentuates the color and smooth smoothing effect.

Cysteine: Amino acid responsible for the recovery of the threads, regenerating them from the inside. Stimulates healthy hair growth and stimulates cellular activity.

Rubi Microparticles: Responsible for sealing wires. It forms a protective barrier, protecting the hair against the environmental and mechanical aggressions, like use of dryer and chapinha. It promotes an intense and lasting brilliance due to its natural scintillation.

How to Use:
-Apply Glamour Rubi Shampoo to damp hair, gently massage and rinse well. If necessary repeat the operation.
-After washing the hair, apply the Glamour Rubi Conditioner over the wet ends of the hair, gently massaging. Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.