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Keratin Gloss Progressive Hair Brush Blowout Kit 2x1L - Fox

by Fox
The Progressive Fox Brush Gloss is suitable for all hair types and is compatible with any type of chemical, seals the cuticles of the wires acts intensively on reducing volume providing a smooth, beautiful, malleable, strong hair
with Brilo and hydrated.
The Gloss is composed of protein, its active ingredient phenoxyethanol isThe Keratin Store approved in several countries for not contain formaldehyde.

How to use:
- Wash the hair with shampoo Dilator Gloss 3 times, leaving the third time the product act for 20 minutes. Rinse.
- Dry off all the hair and divide into 4 parts, apply the mask Gloss in thin slivers, remove excess with towel, air dry
cold and pranchar. If you want ja can wash the hair again.

Strong, healthy hair with reduced volume, softness and malleability in the wires.

-1 Shampoo 1000ml
-1 Reconstructive Mask 1000ml