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Haike Hair Mix Botox Capillary Com 2 Steps Mousse De Argan S6 - Haike

by Haike
Hair Mix
Progressive capillary without formal
Hair Mix is ​​a powerful treatment 2 in 1 that can be used as progressive or a super Botox

Elaborated with argan oil and coconut oil, reconstructs capillary fiber. Redeeming vitality, softness and brightness, promoting thermal sealing with volume reduction due to combining assets that nourish, condition and fortify the internal structure of capillary fiber.

The result in smooth hair with unparalleled brightness.
Composed of pre-cysteine ​​shampoo and reconstructor Botox.

The Hair Mix has as active straightening principles three components being they are the glioxyanic acid, hyaluronic acid and lanyard acid and as a complement to hydration and reconstruction a blend of amino acids and vitamins of complex B

Compatible with any chemistry, but we recommend the strand test for any procedure.

Suitable for any type of hair.

PH of the protutes:

Anti residue shampoo, step 1: pH 8 - 9
Capillary treatment, Step 2: pH 1.9 - 2.3

Has no salt in its formulation
Recommendations for application every 30 days if there is a need.
We recommend in cases of other chemicals in the hair we recommend the application after 15 days. Not failing to test the wicks.

Argan oil
Coconut oil
Glioxyanic acid, hyaluronic acid and lanyon acid
Blend amino acids and complex B vitamins

How to use :
Step 01 - Apply on wet hair and wash slightly the first time in order to remove the residues that options foam formation. Rinse and reapply the shampoo and massage until a rich and creamy foam. Rinse well.

Step 02 Hairmix Botox Reconstructor
In normal, blond or chemically treated hair

In normal hair, with clean hair, split in 3 parts and apply the root root bontox of the root to tips and let take from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the structure of the wire.
Then rinse and finish with the brush and board Mecha the wick of 10 to 15 times in thin strands.
In light and blond hair, with clean hair, divide in 3 parts and apply the root root reconstructor bontox to tips and let it act 30 minutes at 1 hour depending on the structure of the wire.
Then rinse using the platinum stylish line shampoo that is intended to mature before boarding. Rinse well. Finish with the brush and plank lock the wick of 10 to 15 times in thin strands.

Virgin and non-chemical hair.
With clean hair, divide into 3 pieces and apply the root root reconstructor botox the tips and allow to act for 30 minutes at 1:30 hrs depending on the structure of the wire.
Then remove 50% of the product with a semi rinsed dry the hair and without removing the entire product finish with the plank lock to the lock of 10 to 15 times in thin strands.
At the termination of the plank process rinse and dry normally. If you want to use a conditioner at rinse time. Dry and end as desired
## Use the Haike line and prove the results ##