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Intense Shampoo 1000ML - NG de France

Highly moisturizing, with gentle cleansing action, gentle cleansing, without damaging the hair strands. Promotes important internal structural connections, directly benefiting the greater definition of shape in straight and curly hair. The essential oils present in the intense line act as a protective film on the hair, preventing the loss of water in its capillary structure, keeping the hair hydrated for much longer. Its highly nourishing formula provides softness, suppleness and vitality to the strands, without leaving a heavy aspect, acting from the inside to outside. It is ideal for hair that needs additional conditioning.
Reduces the volume
Extremely moisturizing
Avoid Frizz
Hair and scalp detox
Fills damaged areas of hair strands
How to Use:
Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair. Massage until foam forms. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Then proceed with the use of the Intense Conditioner.
Good to Know: vegan product, sunscreen, cruelty free.