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Intensive Black Hair Color Treatment Conditioning Tinting Mask 950g - Forever Liss

Dark hair also suffers from fading caused by external agents such as the sun, the dryer and routine washing. THE INTENSIVE BLACK FOREVER LISS 950g MASK has the fundamental role of gradually returning the pigmentation of the black and dark threads, reviving the color of the threads while it hydrates and nourishes. It is possible to have your hair black or in dark tones back in a few minutes, in addition to the extreme shine to the strands! Compatible with other chemicals, especially progressives and straightening and can be used on the same day.

Indicated for hair with black or bluish black. Does not offer results for uncolored hair.

Vegetable Keratin: Restores lost shine, renews and moisturizes all damaged hair.

Brazil Nut Oil: Repairs damage and restores natural shine. Indicated for damaged, dry, opaque and chemically treated hair. Deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair. Intensifies the color of dark hair.

D'Panthenol: Offers Maximum Hydration in the hair, providing softness, bringing shine and reviving the hair color.

extreme brightness
Moisturizes and revives dark tones.
Gradual hair coloring.
Intense dark hair color.
Revitalizes and strengthens the strands with an intense shine.
Compatible with any type of chemistry.
Ability to neutralize unwanted reflections.

Important: Does not color white and gray threads. It is not recommended for use on light-colored hair (blond, bleached). It is not effective on virgin hair (without coloring).

Gradual toning of the strands, in addition to promoting intense color and shine to black hair and dark tones from the first application.

Mode of Use
01. After using Intensive Black Shampoo
02. With clean and damp hair Apply the BLACK FOREVER LISS 950G MASK evenly over the hairs, spreading with the help of a comb.
03. Leave to act for up to 20 minutes, following the desired shade.
04. Rinse thoroughly.
05. Finish As You Want
Wear Gloves For Procedure.

01 - Intensive Black Forever Liss Toning Mask 950g