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Pistachio Anti Frizz Base Relaxing Sodium Innovator 250g - Itallian Hair Tech


Developed for the larger opening of the curls until a straightening with natural result. Reduces the volume while preserving the integrity of the strands against breakage during relaxation, offers hydration and aligns the cuticles for shiny, healthy hair that is soft to the touch.

It allows you to relax, reduce the volume and / or smooth in a natural way. No activator required. Does not contain Guanidine, Ammonium or Thioglycolate. It provides shine, hydration and softness to the hair while allowing from an opening of curls, reduction of volume, to a perfect straightening, just for that, controlling the action time and the way of processing the hair.

How to Use:
Perform the wick experiment as described in the warnings. Use the Protector Innovator before starting the procedure to protect the entire scalp and the skin around the hair. Start the application of the product at a distance of half a centimeter from the root and, after the pause time indicated in the wick experiment, rinse the hair with plenty of water until the total removal of the product. Wash with Innovator Sulfate Free Shampoo. Apply Innovator Conditioning Hydration and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse. To brush the wires with the dryer, use the Remineralizing Serum

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Base Relaxing Sodium Innovator Mask 250g