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Coconut Trivitt 13 Cauterization Hydra Gloss Cauter 300ml - Itallian Hair Tech

Prevents frizz with thermal protection, gives intense shine and soft touch to the wires. It brings together several benefits with ingredients that moisturize and strengthen the hair fiber with the repair of damage while creating a protective film on the strands that leaves the hair more full-bodied, with a soft sensory and shiny shine.

Coconut Oil: It is extracted from the pulp of fresh ripe coconut by physical processes, going through the stages of crushing, pressing and triple filtration.
- Excellent conditioning agent
- Promotes deep softness
- Helps keep cuticles aligned

Keratin: Hair is made up mainly of this protein, composed of a sequence of 18 amino acids interconnected by hydrogen, disulfide (sulfur) and salt bridges. As it is hydrolyzed, it has low molecular weight, which facilitates its penetration through the cuticles.
- It is deposited on the damaged regions, restoring the wires
- Rebalances the water content and distribution of electrical charges in the hair fiber
- After penetrating through the cuticles, keep them sealed (suitable pH for the closing of the scales)

Golden Camelina Oil: Ingredient of 100% vegetable origin, obtained from the plant “Gold of Pleasure” (Camelina sativa).
- Provides the ideal proportion of Omegas 3 and 6 to restore the lipid content (natural oil) of the hair fiber
- Combats the rough touch of dry and fragile hair
- Recovers hair elasticity and flexibility

How to Use:
After using the shampoo of your choice, remove excess water, divide the hair into strands and apply the amount equivalent to a coin of the product.
Do not rinse. Then, proceed with the brush with dryer, finishing the process with the board (piastra / flat iron).

-01  Itallian Hair Tech Trivitt 13 Cauterization Hydra Gloss Cauter 300ml