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Trivitt Leave-in Moisturizing Keratin Cream Finisher 250ml - Itallian Hair Tech


It is a moisturizer with sunscreen. Hair restorer, combines the nourishing and revitalizing properties of Vitamins with the hydrating capacity of Proteins. Protects from the damaging action of the sun, detangles and repairs split ends. Indispensable post-chemical, beach, pool and before using the dryer.

It can be applied on dry or damp hair, before the dryer. Maintains the natural appearance, reduces the volume of hair and moisturizes simultaneously.

How to Use:
Spread a small amount of Moisturizing Leave-in Trivitt over your hands
Apply on clean and damp hair, from length to ends.
Let it dry naturally.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Trivitt Leave-in Moisturizing 250ml