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Just Sofistic Professional Moisturizing Shampoo 1L - Sorali

by Sorali

Just Sofistic Professional Moisturizing line was developed with powerful natural assets such as Ginger, Arginine, Cereals, Tucuman and Vitamin E.
The products of this line provide yarn strengthening, moisturizing and replenishing mass in a balanced manner, giving healthy for the hair, from root to tip.

The nutritious shampoo contain assets that together promote a total hygiene of the scalp and yarn. Its formulation acts in the control of oiliness, caused by the effects of progressive or natural agents, without drying the threads.
It promotes a wonderful feeling of freshness, as it also has the benefits of Menthol, leaving your hair clean and loose for much longer. It can be used in the cleaning and hygiene of scalp and hair, before any chemical or hydration process, as it has a balanced pH, which cleans without opening the scales of the threads too much.

CobWeb Effect
The mask has fibers in its composition, and these fibers resemble the hair fibers. So they adhere more easily to the surface of the threads, making the result much more effective and fast.

Step By Step:
1- Wash the threads with Nutritive Shampoo, massaging to form a rich, creamy lather, rinse.

2- 2nd Apply the wick to wick, gently wiring the wires, leaving the wick for 20 minutes, rinse.

3- Apply the Termic Gloss, distributing the product through the whole length of the threads, dry and finish, apply the Sorali Cosmetic Nutritional Serum.