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Keras'Trat Crystallization Cauterization Crystal Brush S.O.S Kit 3 Itens - Manga Rosa

Hair replacement treatment. It has ingredients that repair hair irregularities such as dryness, split ends and others. It is easy to apply.

Temporary Brush: when the brushing process becomes easier and longer lasting.

Crystal Brush or Crystallization: Returns all shine, giving a shock of softness.

Cauterization and Shielding: provides alignment and closure of the cuticles, lowering the volume and cauterizing the entire porosity of the hair, keeping the result for up to 30 days.

SOS Treatment: helps in the reconstruction treatment, taking the hair out of its fragile state and making it ready for the next chemicals.

How to use:
Crystallization and temporary brush:
1 - pre-wash: wash hair with shampoo - wash again if necessary.
2 - application of keras reconstruction: after washing the hair with the cleasing shampoo, remove 20% of the excess water. place 5 ml (tea spoon) of keras reconstruction in the palms of the hands and apply along the entire length of the threads, keeping the product on the threads.
3 - Alignment and closing of the cuticles: with the keras reconstruction on the threads, apply desfritermic on the hair. brush and plank.

Cauterization and shielding of wires:
1 - pre-wash: wash hair with shampoo - wash again if necessary.
2 - application of keras reconstruction:remove 20% of the water, apply keras reconstruction in the hands and apply to the hair in the strands direction - length, lock by lock. use the iron board to align the strands with the heat. let stand for 10 minutes and rinse.
3 - cuticle alignment and closing: after rinsing the keras reconstruction, apply desfritermic strand by strand with the help of a comb, then brush and plank.
4 - Finishing: the client can keep the product in her hair, but for lighter strands, wash and brush again, finishing with the professional protective film.

-01 Kera´s Trat Reconstructor Shampoo 1000ml
-01 Hydrolyzed Kera´s Trat 250ml
-01 Kera´s Trat  Softener 1000ml.