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Argilo Detox kit 5 products - Sorali

by Sorali
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The Argilo Detox kit takes care of hair in 5 steps. It accelerates the growth of the yarns, ensuring the replacement of the mass and the combat to the fall. In addition to cleansing, moisturizing and restoring hair strands, eliminating oiliness and treating the scalp.

Detox Shampoo: Cleans the hair fiber and scalp, eliminating cosmetic residues, toxins and impurities from pollution, beach and pool. Formulated with Menthol and Nano Smooth, it promotes prolonged cleansing sensation and freshness while exfoliating the scalp, providing lightness, shine and movement to the hair.

Astringent clay Mask : Made with Zinc Oxide, Green Clay and Amino Acids, it has astringent and restorative properties, it restores the hair mass, strengthens and aligns the hair, promoting silkiness, softness, intense shine to the hair and cleaning and asepsis of the scalp, making it more healthy.

Plastic Mask: Mask for deep moisturizing hair and scalp. Formulated with Nano Smooth and Amino Acids, actives with remineralizing and strengthening action, reduce the porosity of the threads and avoid the appearance of double ends. The result is healthier, softer hair, with intense shine and no frizz.

Detox Equalizer:High power conditioning and moisturizes wires deeply. With Coconut Oil and Amino Acids in its formula, it has emollient action, repairs the hair fiber, returns the suppleness, providing silky hair with luster and much more flexibility.

Clay Detox Fluid Control: Exclusive formula of antiseptic and antifungal action. It works as a great ally to the 25% faster growth of hair and consequently the increase in the volume of the hair. Decreases itchy, oily, dry or scaly scalp problems. Indicated for post-progressive use, relieving skin peeling. The vegetal extracts present, contribute to deep hydration of the threads, tonification, control of dandruff, fall, seborrhea, aids in capillary growth, besides increasing resistance and shine. Because it is antifungal and antiseptic, it can be used on the skin, especially on the face to control oiliness. It has healing function, eliminates scaling of the scalp, can be used in small wounds to stimulate healing. Contains medicinal properties such as melaleuca extract and soybean polypepitides.

-1 Detox Shampoo 1L
-1 Astringent Clay Mask 500g
-1 Detox Equalizer 1L
-1 Plastic Mask 1kg
-1 Fluid Control 120ml