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Salvatore Kit Curls Professional

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The Curls Salvatore Professional is suitable for curly and curly hair that wish to define existing curls. In the case of curly hair, it promotes greater opening of the curls; Already in curly hair, returns the curls lost by the lack of hydration and dryness. Restores hydration, elasticity and tensile strength to curly hair. Expected results:
• Natural volume reduction
• Definition of curls without losing volume
• Curler
• Intensive hydration

The Curls Salvatore Profissional was developed from the union between the biocolagen and elastina. Its composition provides loosely shaped curls without the need for chemical relaxations. When the correct temperature is applied to the biocolágeno, it binds to the capillary proteins, promoting filling and forming a protective film, resulting in weight to the fiber and in the decrease of the water loss. The elastin transfers to the hair greater tensile strength and elasticity, providing definite and lasting curls.
The deep moisturizing mask is rich in hydrolyzed rice protein, which is absorbed by the hair, intensely replenishing the hydration. The biocolagene, attached to the lipids, interacts with the capillary proteins, forming a protective film retaining hydration, resulting in vitality and intense brightness for much longer.


• Volume reduction without chemistry
• Loose and uniform bunches
• Quick and easy application
• Does not damage and fiber structure
• Can be applied monthly
• Water replenishment
• Compatible with any chemistry
• Do not smooth

How to use:

STEP 1: With wet hair, evenly spray the Professional Curls Shampoo throughout the scalp and massage gently. Distribute the product from the scalp to the tips without rubbing the hair fiber. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water, removing the product completely. Repeat the process. There is no need to leave pause time. Dry 100% yarn and go to Step 2: Professional Curls Cream.

STEP 2: After completing Step 1, shake the bottle of Curls Professional Cream well and pour the quantity to be used in a bowl. Apply, using a brush, wick to wick, massaging with the fingers from the root to the tips. Make sure all wires are evenly moistened. Allow to act for 25 minutes so that all properties of the product are absorbed. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water, removing the product completely without leaving any residue.
Make a brushing by aligning the wires. For Afro and resistant hair, plank in medium locks (1.0 cm thick) of 5 to 10 times. For curly hair, plank in thick locks (1.5 cm thick) 4 to 7 times. Then apply the Curls Salvatore Professional Hydrolipidic Mask (Step 3).

STEP 3: Finish Step 2, moisten the hair and apply the Professional Curls Mask wick to the wick, from the length to the ends evenly. For best absorption of the product, coat the hair. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse the product completely. Finish with the Leave-in Salvatore Professional Curls Maker (Step 4).

STEP 4: After completing Step 3, place 2 or 3 doses of Leave-in Professional Curls in the palm of the hand and apply to the hair, from the inside out and from the top down. Knead the hairs in rovings of the root tips for uniform and better defined curls. To maintain the treatment, use the Curls Daily Use products.

Important tips:

1- Do not twist the hair by removing excess water, this action can damage the hair fibers.
2- Do not use a thermal board on threads processed by thioglycolates or hydroxides.
3- For more defined curls, finish with the screening process and / or use the diffuser.


1 - Professional Curls Shampoo 500ml (step 1)
1 - Professional Curls Cream 1000ml (step 2)
1 - Professional Curls Mask 500ml (step 3)
1 - Professional Curls Leave-in 230ml (step 4)