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Leave in Hypoallergenic Total Care - Alergoshop


Leave in total carepode is used in all kinds of hair. It provides a daily treatment that confers brightness, health and combability. It is ideal for the finalization of the process because the grains of nourish cereals, restore and minimize aggressions caused by dryers, tinctures and chemical treatments leaving the hair with a soft and hydrated touch for long period.

In the Total Care line Alergoshop withdrew from its formulation 105 substances with allergenic or harmful potential and replaced them by safe ingredients, which act with proven efficacy and guaranteed performance.

Characteristics -

Hypoallergenic oat extract wheat protein

Nourishes and moisturizes the wires.

How to use:

Apply after washing, performing soft movements (without scrubging) spreading mainly on the tips. Avoid excess on the scalp. It is not necessary to rinse.