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Creoula Comb Cream (Hair Mask) 1L - Lola Cosmetics

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Creoula Comb cream for curly and frizzy hair. Defines curls while controlling frizz, moisturizes and softens the hair fiber. Formulated with rich ingredients in vitamins and nutrients, Creoula Lola Cosmetics has been specially designed to conserve natural water required for the softness, balance and brightness of the wires. With it, your curls will be modeled for longer, well protected and nourished.

Coconut Oil: nourishes  and retrieves the softness and movement.
Olive Oil: softens and retains the natural moisture inside the hair fiber.
Honey: treats and prevents dryness of the wires. 

How to use:

Apply small quantities of the comb cream in length and wires  ends and distribute evenly. To increase definition,  knead the strands with your hands. Allow to dry naturally or with the aid of the diffuser.


-1 creoula comb cream 930g