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Milk Siliconized E Bath Oil Fashion 12 Products - Fashion

by Fashion
Cream for combing siliconized milk - Fashion

-Creme for combing siliconized milk: Fashion siliconized milk provides brightness, hydration, softness and repairs double hair tips. Revitalizes, distinguishes, restores the brittle wires and protects hair against the harmful action of external agents such as sun, pollution, dust, wind and chlorine.

-Olos 12 Fashion benefits is an extraordinary association of precious oils obtained from walnuts, seeds, herbs, and fruits, which makes a sensory, performance and unique characteristics product. Especially developed to confer advanced nutrition, replenishment of essential lubricity, rescue softness and softness of hair.
-12 Benefits:
01- Hydration.
02- Strength.
03- Nutrition.
04- Brightness.
05- Maciez.
06- Frizz control.
07- Reduces volume.
08- Antioxidant action.
09- Thermal protection.
10- Prevent Double Tips.
11- Facilitates to untangle.
12- Silky and light touch.

You will be purchasing 12 products

6 creams for combing siliconized milk from: 400ml
6 creams for combing oil baths from: 400ml