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Organic Plex Bleaching Protection Treatment - NG de France

Specially developed to protect and restore hair strands during the bleaching process, without interfering with the forms of creation. Its exclusive organic actives hydrate, restore and protect the interior of the hair fiber providing strong and healthy blondes.
1 Unit Organic Protection 500ML
1 Unit Organic Reconstruction 500ML
How to Use:
Organic Protection (Step 1): add 2ml of Organic Plex for each 10g of Lumière Bleaching Powder. Add the desired hydrogen peroxide. Mix until smooth. Apply normally to the threads using the standard bleaching process. Wash your hair only with water and spray the Soft Hair Spray on the strands, to help in disentangling. Then, proceed with Organic Reconstruction (Step 2).
Organic Reconstruction (Step 2): apply 20ml of Organic Reconstruction (Step 2) on the strands using a fine comb to comb the entire section, from the root to the ends, ensuring that the entire length of the hair is covered. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse. Apply the shampoo, conditioner or tint and finish as desired.
Good to Know: cruelty free.