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Perfecta Bio Definitive System Progressive Brush Hair Elixir 12 Oils 1L - Borabella


Perfecta BioDefinitive has a high moisturizing factor that gives hair completely aligned, disciplined, sealed, soft, with natural balance and a salon gloss shine.

- *Organic, Free of 0% Formaldehyde, neither donor preservatives or derivatives.

- More Nutrition: it has an extensive blend of 12 light nourishing oils, which penetrate deeply into the hair fiber, softening and nourishing without weighing.

- More Hydration: moisturizing moisturizing actives such as Hyaluronic Acid have been increased. The combination of greater nutrition with greater hydration power results in a greater treatment of dry and chemically processed hair, giving a better appearance to the ends.

- No Matting Pigment: the cream is clear, has no tinting, allowing to be applied on very light hair with shades above 9.

- Just one step: making the application more practical and faster. Easy to process, quick drying, easy sliding without straining the arm.

- Lasting and guaranteed 100% professional anti-frizz result, free from touch-ups or customer feedback.

- Compatible with all types of hair and colors. And also with all previous chemistries of all brands.

Its intelligent formula was developed through the union of imported raw materials of European and North American origin, noble emollient actives, proteins and an exclusive blend formed by 19 amino acids + organic acids, such as Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Sericin, Keratin, Tamarind extract and an Elixir of 12 light and noble oils.

All the actives below guarantee a long lasting professional anti-frizz treatment, completely free from burning or discomfort in the application process.

Bio. ELIXIR 12 OILS: is an extraordinary combination of light, precious and legendary oils obtained from nuts, seeds, herbs and fruits, which make it a product with unique characteristics. It's a unique combination specially developed to nourish the deepest layers of the hair fiber and restore essential lubrication with mirror-like shine and vitality, without weighing it down.

1. argan oil
2. shea nut oil
3. cottonseed oil
4. coconut oil
5. macadamia oil
6. green tea oil
7. chamomile oil
8. aloe oil
9. calamus oil
10. myrrh oil
11. olive oil
12. cinnamon oil

19 AMINO ACIDS: natural hair compounds responsible for the health, structure and shine of the hair. During chemical processes, amino acids are lost, but the progressive makes the replacement, in order to guarantee hair that is 100% straight, disciplined, natural, without frizz, hydrated, textured, soft and shiny.

HYALURONIC ACID: the active works by benefiting the hair fiber, regenerating the strands and fighting dryness. The appearance after application is healthier and more hydrated hair and, as a response to this repair, hairs are obtained with a lighter and more resistant aspect, with less frizz and split ends.
Due to its moisturizing and filling action, the acid protects the hair fiber and prevents the opening of the cuticles, retaining the treatment inside the hair. This not only repairs damage, it prevents breakage and brightens tresses.
For those with thin or porous hair, the active is also indicated to make the strands fuller and healthier

ASPARTIC ACID: it is an amino acid linked directly to the hair pigment, acting to protect the color, as well as promoting resistance to the strand when it goes through an oxidative process.

SERICIN PROTEIN: Nano particulate sericin has high affinity with hair keratin, binding strongly to it, sealing the damaged hair cuticles. It also provides conditioning and an anti-static effect, improving the hair's aesthetics, keeping the strands aligned, smoother and shiny. Provides an easy combing, reduces volume and frizz, gives a smooth effect and repairs damaged scales without producing oiliness.

GLUTAMIC ACID: considered a neutralizing agent and pH controller, the compound acts on the thread's internal chains, which are responsible for its shape, together with hydration and softness.

D-PANTHENOL Vitamin B5: protects internal hydration as it helps to preserve hydrogen bonds during chemical processes. Stronger and more resistant hair. Because of that, products with D-panthenol moisturize, have anti-inflammatory actions and leave hair super soft, frizz-free and split ends.

HYDROLYZED KERATIN: Keratin is one of the main substances that make up the hair structure. However, over time, due to chemical effects, the use of tools such as a dryer and flat iron and even washing, parts of this component are lost. The result? Damaged and lifeless wires. This protein serves to restore the health of the threads, especially extremely damaged hair, replacing the keratin lost over time.

Tamarind Extract: rich in polysaccharides and organic acids. Antioxidant, film-forming, disciplining and smoothing action of the hair cuticle. Promotes lightness, softness and gentleness to dry and unruly hair with greater shine. Preserves hair fiber integrity after mechanical or chemical stress. Anti-aging action for the hair fiber. Promotes even the cuticle surface, smoothes the rough texture of hair.

How to Use:
Apply the product to clean, dry hair
Leave to act for 50 minutes
separate into strands
Finish by following the same professional salon protocol as our previous products.

-01 Borabella Perfecta Bio Definitive Progressive 1L