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Professional Keraprime Volume Reduction Be.tox Fiber Protein Mask 1kg - Beox

by Beox

Mask developed for damaged and rebellious hair, made with the exclusive Fiber Protein, a complex of oils and proteins with intensive repair technology that returns the amino acids and nutrients of the hair, reduces the volume, eliminates frizz and leaves the hair extremely soft.
Extends the effect of hair straightening and realignments, replenishes nutrients, in order to deeply moisturize, seal cuticles and leave hair extremely shiny.

Developed with the exclusive Fiber Protein - a complex of oils and proteins with exclusive intensive repair technology that replenishes the hair's amino acids and nutrients, reduces the volume of the strands, eliminates frizz and leaves hair extremely soft.

How to Use:
1- With clean and damp hair, apply the product on the strands, lock by lock, with the aid of a comb. Let stand for 45 minutes.
2- Rinse thoroughly.
3- Brush and plank.

-01 Beox Be.tox Fiber Protein Mask 1kg