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Professional Magic Curls Shampoo and Modeling Shaper Cream 2x500ml - Lowell

by Lowell

Magic Curls is a complete treatment and finishing line for curly hair totally released and with a powerful blend of vegetable oils.

Shampoo - Totally free of sulfates, parabens and petrolatum, cleans without drying the hair and creating static, in addition, it stimulates the natural hydration of the hair and has anti frizz action.

Conditioner - Sets and controls the volume. With memory effect it allows the curl to be activated with wet hands at any time besides protecting the hair keratin and blocking the frizz.

How to Use:
Apply the shampoo to the wet root and massage with circular movements. Pull to the rest of the hair. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat the procedure.
Spread the cream strand by strand on the damp strands with the gluing movement. Then press the strands from bottom to top to activate your shape. If necessary, use a diffuser to dry the wires.

-01 Lowell Magic Curls Shampoo 500ml
-01 Lowell Magic Curls Shaper Cream 500ml