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Professional Uberliss Straight Efect Progressive Brush Treatment 3 Prod. - Avlon

by Avlon

Avlon Uberliss Straight Efect Brush Kit (3 products) is a smooth-effect brush with a completely formaldehyde-free formulation. Suitable for bulky, thick and wavy hair, the brush results in straight, treated hair, with shine, softness and movement. Straightens up to 90% of curly hair, does not sting the eyes, treats and shines the strands.

Its formulation is free of formaldehyde and glutaral which damages the capillary structure. It is a brush developed based on Carbo-Cysteine and Amino Acids, in its formulation with the exclusive Triple Blend technology, responsible for the unparalleled result and for offering total safety, as it is dermatologically tested, free of Formoldehyde and Gutaraldehyde; offers clean technique (no smell and no smoke) and practicality.

How to Use:
- Wash hair with Pre-Liss Shampoo. Rinse and repeat if necessary. 
- Remove excess water and, with the aid of the dryer, dry your hair at 80.
- Divide the hair and apply Uberliss Fiber Conditioner, with a brush, in an amount sufficient to cover all the strands. Start by applying the nape towards the top of the head and use a comb to help spread it.
- Put on a plastic cap and leave the pause time for 30 to 50 minutes.
- Align the wires with a comb, remove the excess product with a towel and align again with a fine comb.
- Plank the hair, then divide the hair into thin strands and plank, at least 7 times each strand. In colored or platinum hair the board should be at a maximum temperature of 200 ° G and for normal hair at 230 ° G.
- Wait to cool and wash your hair well, until you remove all the product.
- Apply a generous amount of Nutritive Mask, massage and align the wires with a comb. Leave to act for 5 minutes and rinse.

-01 Avlon Uberliss Shampoo 500ml
-01 Avlon Uberliss Conditioner 1L
-01 Avlon Uberliss Mask 500ml