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Progressive Brush Perfect Wire FioBlond 2x1000ml - FioPerfeitto


Progressive FioBlond is a perfect product, now blond hair and straightening go hand in hand, without risking yellowing. 

Blond Cleansing Shampoo - with a perfect consistency and a violet pigmentation, thus allowing a deep cleaning in blond hair.

Blond Volume Reducer - is a hair treatment that provides 100% smoothing on all hair types, and best of all is that it does not yellow the Blond wires because it has in its formula Violet Pigmentation which neutralizes the yellowish tones of the wires.

Progressive Perfect Wire FioBlond besides straightening your hair immediately, provides deep hydration, nutrition and reconstruction of the hair fiber. It has in its formula active as açaí, oats and aloe vera, next to an association of amino acids and keratin that will provide you with a smooth and aligned hair for a longer time.
-Prolongs smoothing for up to 6 months.
-How to use the Perfect Wire Progressive Brush.

How to Use:
-Apply FioBlond Perfect Deep Cleansing Shampoo to wet hair by gently massaging the entire length. Rinse thoroughly and repeat operation 2 more times;
In the last application let the Shampoo act for 15 minutes.
-Rinse until you notice that the shampoo has been completely removed. Dry 100% of the wires.
-Divide the hair into four parts and apply the Perfect Hair Facial treatment all over the hair, start at the nape, wick by wick at a distance of half a centimeter from the root. Let it act for 10 to 20 minutes;
-Dry hair thoroughly, always using a hair dryer. With a brush align the wires. 
-Plank in thin wicks 8 to 15 times per wick; Then wait for the hair to cool and wash it with shampoo and conditioner of your choice. Finalize as you wish;

-Anti Waste Shampoo 1L
-Thermic Treatment 1L