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City Argan Oil 0,43 Antioxidant Protection Anti Frizz Hair Finisher 60ML - QOD

by QOD

QOD CITY ARGAN OIL is a fast-absorbing antioxidant vegetable oil, which provides hair shine and exceptional malleability. It also forms a protective film over the strand that treats and prevents split ends.

How to Use:
1. With dry hair, apply a few drops along lengh and tips to reduce frizz.
2. To use as leave-in, apply same drops in damp hair.
3. To improve your mask treatment, mix same drops to it.
4. Mix same drops to you hair color to moisturize your hair while gets coloring.
Ps: It is not a thermo activated.
Good to Know: cruelty free.

-01 QOD City Argan Oil 0,43 60ML