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Spray De Gloss Gold Perfect Shine Evolution 120ml - Evolution

Gold Gloss Spray Perfect Shine Evolution 120ml

My glow was specially formulated to reactivate the color of your hair, be they redhead, blond or dark. Intelligently Developed Provides hair with more life and brightness, providing extreme brightness of 3D effect with UV protection.

How to use:

Vaporize Shine Perfect Shine in the hairs on a distance from 15 to 20 cm of hair in a sufficient amount,
OBS. You do not need to rinse.

1 Gold Gloss Spray Perfect Shine Evolution 120ml

About the brand / manufacturer:

Evolution Authentic Line

From the dream and work of an entrepreneur to a case of success. Founded in 2008, in São Paulo / SP, it is in the specialized market in cosmetics for beauty salons with various types in its portfolio, Evolution Authentic Line is a Brazilian national recognition company.
Evolution is a leader in transformation and offers a complete line of cosmetics, exclusive for salons, with distribution through specialized consultants in the professional market. They are products intended for the transformation of the form, finalization and maintenance of the beauty of the hair. Healthy products and proven efficacy. Innovation, high technology, commitment to truth, education and valorization of the human being are the pillars of the company. Surprise yourself and conquer your customers with the Evolution Authentic Line lines.