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Ultimate Treatment Tea Tree Hair Strenght Treatment Kit 3x1L - Robson Peluquero


The Robson Peluquero hamamelis care range has been developed using natural active ingredients with the power to restore the hair fiber, providing a feeling of well-being to the client and the professional at the time of application.

HAMAMELIS TEA TREE SHAMPOO RP contains in its formula witch hazel extract that controls the oiliness of the scalp, a powerful anti-inflammatory and astringent softener that cleanses the hair without leaving it dull and heavy.

Enriched with mint extract and menthol which generate a cooling effect on the scalp keeping the hair clean, light and loose for longer.

Brings lightness, suppleness, silkiness and shine.

Forms a moisturizing foam that gently cleanses leaving the hair perfectly clean and extremely soft and silky. Does not contain salt.

SHAMPOO FOR HAIR STRENGTH RP gives strength and shine to the hair.

Its formula contains collagen proteins that improve the suppleness, malleability and density of the hair.

Enriched with seaweed extract and coconut oil with protective, repairing, nourishing and revitalizing properties, acting as a biological anchor that keeps hair hydrated longer, for shiny and resistant locks.

Made with Prodew 500 which protects wires, moisturizes, conditions, strengthens and repairs surface layers damaged by chemical and natural actions.

Does not contain salt.

ULTIMATE TREATMENT MASK RP is the treatment mask that conditions, facilitates the disentangling of threads, protects against external aggressions, helps hydration, replaces the hydrolipidic mantle and restores the natural protein of threads after chemical procedures. 

The RP ULTIMATE TREATMENT MASK has 10 essential functions for a perfect finish:

(1) - Thermal Protection
(2) - Nutrition
(3) - Instant Repair
(4) - Conditioning
(5) - Normalizes PH
(6) - Anti-moisture film
(7) - Anti-frizz effect
(8) - Sealing cuticles and tips
(9) - Color Protection
(10) - Protection against free radicals.

-01 RP Ultimate Treatment Tea Tree Shampoo 1L
-01 RP Ultimate Treatment Hair Strenght Shampoo 1L
-01 RP Ultimate Treatment Maak 1Kg