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Softness Nourish Ztox Bt-o.x Nanocrystallization Macadamia Mask 250g - Zap


Zap Bt-o.x Professional is a nanocrystallization system for the threads, with intense disciplining action. Promotes yarn alignment and incomparable shine, has in its formulation assets such as Amino Acids, Silicones and Panthenol formulated in the nanotechnology system that provides better absorption of products by the yarns. It was developed to make life easier for women who want straight hair for longer, and can be combined between one progressive and the other.

Can Zap's Bt-o.x be performed on pregnant women?
- We do not advise any type of chemical procedure in pregnant women due to changes in the organism and they have a lower immunity due to pregnancy.

Can Zap Professional Bt-o.x be applied to children?
- As with pregnant women, we do not recommend applying chemicals to children as they are more sensitive.

Can I apply Zap's Bt-o.x on blond hair?
- Yes Bt-o.x Zap Professional can be applied to all types of hair, always respecting the break time and always doing the strand test.

Why should I do the Wick test?
- The Wick test must be done before any chemical process to verify the health of the hair. In many cases the wires appear to be healthy, however, internally in the cortex they are lacking in nutrients and proteins. Always do the wick test for any type of chemistry.

How to Use:
- Wash your hair thoroughly with deep cleaning shampoo, 3 to 5 times.
- Remove excess moisture from the hair with the help of a towel. Do not dry the hair when only remove excess moisture.
- Divide the hair into four parts and apply the BRedutor Zap Professional along the entire length of the hair from root to tip, lock by lock, being careful not to touch the scalp.
- Let the product act for 20 to 40 minutes depending on the type of hair.
- Rinse off excess product.
- With the aid of a hairdryer, brush your hair and then proceed with the straightener (flat iron) in very thin strands.
These procedures must be done by professional hairdressers, and we always recommend doing a strand test before any chemical process.

-01 Zap Ztox Bt-o.x Nanocrystallization Macadamia Softness Nourish Discipline Mask 250g